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Happy Gas Fuel & Hangarage

New FBO (Fixed Base Operations) at the Grande Prairie Airport, we are here to cover your AV Gas and Jet A Fuel needs. Recent additions to the services we offer are oxygen, nitrogen, GPU and a heater! Hangar and office space are also available for rent.

We are committed to provide outstanding service to our clients. Our self service fuel kiosk allows you to purchase fuel at your convenience or our fuel truck can come to you at the airport. Approximately 9000 sq. ft. heated hangar space is available to further accommodate your needs. Come and visit us for a tour of our entire facility, which includes modern office space, pilots lounge and common area.

Happy Gas Welcomes Steven Lick

Steven moved to Grande Prairie in 2003 at the age of 18 looking for work in the metal fabrication business, while at Lee’s Sheet Metal he started studying for  his pilots license. After speaking with pilots and their experiences with the amount of time spent away from home, Steven realized that becoming a pilot was, perhaps, not the right path for him.

At this point Steven was starting to get more involved with mechanics, fixing engines whenever or on whatever he could. This lead him into the world of small engines and working for Redline Power Craft.  He reached a cross roads in 2007, when he realized small engines wasn’t enough of a challenge he decided to switch to a different field of mechanics, either marine or aviation.  In 2008, he attended college for his Aircraft Maintenance Engineering M1, and in 2009 graduated with a Bachelors of Science for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. He obtained a job at Adventure Aviation, where he completed his apprenticeship and received his licence in 2012, working there he was able to work on a wealth of aircraft from Cessnas 152 and 172, all the way to King Airs 90 and Pilatus PC12.

Now with the confidence to deal with more complex systems of aircraft, he was ready for another challenge, which has brought him to Happy Gas, and the opportunity  to manage the operation and their maintenance department. He hopes that his knowledge and experience can give Happy Gas an extra edge in the FBO world and looks forward to making Happy Gas the number one FBO at the Grande Prairie airport.